• Both Korean passport holders and foreigners in other countries are only allowed to stay in Vietnam for a limited period, according to provisions of the Government of Vietnam. If your Vietnam visa is nearly expired but you want to continue staying in Vietnam, you have to get your visa extended.
  • Romanian passport holders need to apply for a Vietnam Visa when they want to enter Vietnam, because Romani is not in Vietnam exemption list. What kind of visa did you apply for? Traveling, working or visiting relatives? No matter what visa you applied, you still need to extend Vietnam visa when it is out of date in case you want to stay longer in Vietnam.
  • Overstaying Vietnam visa will result in a penalty and also a poor mark in your history in Vietnam with Vietnam Immigration, so we don’t wish you are in this situation. In case you wish to stay in Vietnam longer than your visa length, you may have 02 ways to extend your stay
  • By having Vietnam visa extended, foreign nationals are allowed to stay inside the country extra time without having to leave. Thus, Vietnam visa extension will help you out a lot in case your Vietnam visa is expiring soon but you are not able to exit the country for some reason.
Due to different situation such as nationality and your border port, the fee of Vietnam visa extension for Russian citizens that you have to pay are not the same. You need to send photo of passport and visa via email to visa agent too know your specific price for your particular case. You need to pay from USD 130 to USD 530 for the period 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, this price is reference only